Here we interpret/discuss results of recent supply line risk surveys undertaken at DoD. Supply line connections incorporate wide range of very significant & inherent risks and opportunities. Logistics risks and opportunities apply to activities within field-level organisations as well as outside DoD at suppliers & suppliers’ suppliers.

Highlighted risks and opportunities can affect the entire supply line. For DoD, it is clear that supply line connection processes can greatly influence field-level performance & predictability of performance. DoD field-level divisions of all sizes have recognised requirements to put logistics strategies/capabilities in place to identify & prioritise risks and opportunities within and across established internal supply line connection processes.

For some DoD field-level operators, supply line connection performance can be a real competitive differentiator. For others, supply line connection processes are likely to affect most logistics considerations in some form or fashion. For example, procurement processes contain many major risks and opportunities in supplier product services, sourcing/outsourcing, contract administration control, establishing purchasing execution and so on.

In assigning Logistics Simulations to current and future risk-sensitive real-world, mobile operations, DoD tends to become preoccupied with risks from the most high-profile missions. But for other missions, supply line connection risks are many and can sometimes be considerably more routine/controllable than some of these high-profile scenarios. These areas of risk include:

1.     Supply line connection interruption risks

2.     Supply/Demand planning & integration risks

3.     Purchase quality/quantity risks

4.     Equipment Transit security risks

5.     Field Level satisfaction & service risks

6.     Contract follow-through structural risks

7.     Product Support Process inefficiency risks

8.     Product Field-level introduce & time phase risks

9.     Dispatcher skills & qualifications risks

10.   Information integrity/availability risks



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