The purpose of this report is to create Logistics Support plan to integrate all equipment upgrade/repair work order tasks, identify dispatch responsibilities & activities, and outline approach toward accomplishing field-level mission requirements. Here we present inclusion of the following elements of information, with range/depth of information for each element tailored to the acquisition phase of critical equipment.

Dispatch structure & authorities applicable to logistics support plan can be described by detailing associations between line, service, staff & policy organisations. Identification/assignment of each logistics support work order task and how each will be performed are subject to many applicable major tradeoffs. Schedule interactions with system engineering activities impacting estimated start and completion points for each logistics support programme activity or task must be identified.

Work Order Breakdown Structure identification of items to be acted upon will be performed and documented.  Identification of logistics support candidate lists & selection criteria must include all items recommended for review, items not recommended & appropriate rationale for selection or non-selection.

Dispatch techniques for design requirements related to equipment item support must be disseminated to suppliers and controls levied under such circumstances. Efforts directed at update/validate of logistics support information must include configuration control procedure requirements for end items of support equipment provided by supplier.

New creation of applicable procedures must evaluate status/control of each work order task with identification of organisation unit with authority/responsibility for executing each task. Controls for identifying and recording design problems or deficiencies affecting supportability, corrective actions required & status of actions taken to resolve problems must be employed.

We recommend Information collection systems to be used by performing activity must document, disseminate, and control logistics support design specs alongside description of subsystem to be used and identification of validated status when independent applications are deployed.

Efforts must include description of how information from work orders tasks will interface with other logistics support system oriented factors to include consideration of equipment criticality and required reporting interactions with the following programmes, as applicable:

1.     System/Equipment Design Programme

2.     System/Equipment Reliability Programme

3.     System/Equipment Maintainability Programme

4.     System/Equipment Engineering Programme

5.     System/Equipment Standardisation Programme

6.     System/Equipment Parts Control Programme

7.     System/Equipment Packaging Transit Programme

8.     System/Equipment Initial Provisioning Programme

9.     System/Equipment Train/Test Programme

10.   System/Equipment Survivability Programme



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