DoD has long been working toward goal of establishing sound policy & programmes to result in effective/efficient weapons system upgrade/repair processes. There currently exist several pilot programmes to assist in planning/execution of work order package assignment so equipment availabilities are achieved to make possible product support at lowest installation levels capable of carrying out work order tasks utilising best practise suited to mission success.

The final product of all plans, assessments & inspection of Fleet  elements required prior to start of availabilities is the compilation of assigned work order tasks required for upgrade/repair simulation success. Here we examine what resources must be established for Site Visit Executive to define work order packages & identify current barriers to implementation resulting from outdated DoD policies.

Site Visit Executive has taken on challenges to include work order task definition to improve current DoD policies/procedures so success is realised in execution of equipment upgrade/repair simulations. At issue is adequacy of current processes to transmission of accurate operational information for determining with high level of accuracy when/where is upgrade/simulation established.

Existing programme design has also been challenged in terms of cost/benefit control in fiscally constrained budget phases. How upgrade/repair simulation requirements are translated into satisfactory budget requests is another critical long-standing problem encountered by DoD year after year. The initial step to be achieved in addressing these problems is to assess current procedures for construction, approval & authorisation of work order packages.

Here we examine/define what resources must be assigned to programmes Site Visit Executive has proposed to establish what procedures are required for solid definition of work order packages critical to success of field-level missions. With dispatcher team organisation lies responsibility for designating and accomplishing smart assignment of work order execution actions to be utilised in upgrade/repair simulations.

Site Visit Executive has promoted assumption of responsibility for establishing requirements to make tradeoffs between cost, schedule & mission in assigning notional duration/intervals for upgrade/repair availabilities so materiel readiness is improved based on demand signals from Field-level operatives.

Here we provide for consolidated look at established areas proposed by Site Visit Executive for improvements in DoD policy to be implemented at organisational, strategic & action-oriented levels so work order packages can be tracked from beginning to end.

Actions to be carried out by dispatch assist teams must be well-defined so utility of services provided can be integrated with overall strategies. Site Visit executive has set out the following criteria as general policy for execution of upgrade/repair simulations:

1.    DoD must upgrade/repair equipment in manner completely consistent with capability to meet field-level mission requirements when materiel condition is assessed.

2.    DoD must execute upgrade/repair simulations so operational availability is quickly achieved. Actions must be completed with attention paid to priority, capacity & capability.

3.    DoD must view upgrade/repair simulations as continuous process to encompass all dispatcher levels utilising tests & availabilities components of actions.

4.    DoD must characterise upgrade/repair actions as either preventative or corrective selected to maximise reliability & minimise total load of work order packages.

5.    DoD must create work order packages for new equipment design to define specific upgrade/repair availabilities applicable to type on case basis.

6.    DoD must establish new upgrade/repair simulation plans for each type consistent with smart reliability concepts to accomplish maximum operational availability & minimise expenditure.

7.    DoD must provide for assignment of work order packages at each installation to describe all upgrade/repair requirements at organisational field-level units.

8.    DoD must ensure capacity for intermediate level upgrade/repair simulations to achieve reliability above field-level operations but not to require depot employment.

9.    DoD must recognise instances where Depot level upgrade/repair simulations sequestered to individual installations & other designated work order package points.

10.   DoD must define all logistics requirements for support of upgrade/repair simulations scheduled over service life phases with resource allocations programmed upon transit status.



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