Test/Evaluation of Military Systems and Equipment is conducted to support assessments of system performance characteristics. These assessments are an integral part of the decision process essential to acquisition phases.

In creation of many tracker application systems, testing has become controversial issue. Questions that arise include the following:

1.     How much testing is enough?

2.     Is the application ready for testing?

3.     Are requirements/assessment parameters adequately defined?

4.    Does Testing effort represent minimum time & resource programme consistent with useful results?

5.    Have operational testing phases been integrated to form productive evaluations?

And so on……….

Here we present concepts/techniques for creating test plans to verify previously established system suitability requirements have been achieved.

Of course, test resource availability may be compromised by cost, schedule & operational urgency constraints. In such cases, alternate test plans representing most meaningful, timely and cost-effective approach consistent with these constraints must be created.

In any event, it is essential all participants understand the critical issues being addressed as well as acquisition risks present in conducting limited test programmes.

Smart design of good testing programmes is no accident. It requires deep dives and planning in addition to complete concept master of testing techniques, test system and operating scenarios.

Test results must also support creation of realistic performance estimates for entire capacity runs after being tested in limited amounts of systems.

Here, utility of modern tracker application concepts we have presented is apparent. We have advanced the potential for command to move forward tracker application concepts subject to test design and performance assessments.

In short, these concepts, when combined with common sense and technical expertise, formulate basis for all sound testing programmes.



12/30/2016 11:00am

Maintenance of these kind of hardware is too difficult and hats off to these people whom are able to done that repairing in such a short time.


Testing becomes very popular in the past twenty years. This is a separate sector with lots of methodology and approaches.


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