Site Visit Executive has promoted utility of Product Support Boundary Construction to provide for establishment of strategic/innovative supply line connection constructs within consistent support structure for Troops in Field. Goals include creation of enterprise-wide dispatch procedures to explore solutions with potential to extend support ‘envelope’ alongside new enhanced best value solutions while maintaining optimal military efficiency. Here we summarise existing DoD support policy memos/standards endorsements.

Site Visit Executive has advanced understanding of product support responsibilities within equipment upgrade/repair simulations. Supply line connection techniques are equally applicable to new and current weapons systems.  Dispatchers must provide source work orders to prioritise operational, dispatch & training issues consistent with existing DoD guidance.

Site Visit Executive has provided boundary conditions for product support strategies to allow for supply line connection innovation but dispatchers must act to ensure execution considering interoperable parameters across DoD equipment upgrade/repair programmes. Strategic guidelines for creation of coherent & consistent sustainment solutions optimise mission effectiveness within operational constraints.

Site Visit Executive has promoted specific, actionable objectives to include administrative guidance for execution of sustainment solutions to ensure operational effectiveness & achieve best value for Troops in Field consistent with DoD policy/standards. Specific dispatch criteria is established for purpose of outlining baselines for continuous improvement of upgrade/repair simulations & evaluate impact of innovative supply line connection solutions on short- and long-term mission readiness.

Site Visit Executive has led the way in establishing guiding principles for outlining requirements for quality supply line connections defining key support area boundaries in dispatcher training space expected to put in place sustainment solutions so DoD-wide cooperation and collaboration will be achieved. Product support guidelines must be created to maintain sustainment solutions.

Site Visit Executive can authorise dispatch teams to sometimes operate outside product support boundaries if such action proves to be more feasible for fiscal & operational factors. Any supply line connection deviations in DoD processes must be highlighted in summary reports provided to Site Visit Executive detailing operational cost/benefits to mission. Product Area Boundaries are organised into 10 Key Support Zones:

1. Operational Concepts

2. Logistics Support/Sustainment

3. Engineering & Asset Administration

4. Equipment Materiel Flow

5. Supplier Innovation

6. Integrated Logistics Learning

7. Dispatcher Training

8. Reduction in Operational Constraints

9. Resource Allocation

10. Structure of Mission Force



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