1.  Establish baseline performance metrics for equipment support at enterprise-level supplier evaluation centres

2.  Create increased equipment support component item processes in support of requirements for sourcing logistics

3.  Exploit opportunities for cross-service upgrade/repair capabilities & capacity for common equipment support functions

4.  Determine performance of logistics hubs & equipment support demand signal levels

5.  Improve upgrade/repair execution tools for  equipment support to capture complete logistics processes

6.  Create informed & repeatable sustainment actions for equipment support following execution of manoeuvres

7.  Support equipment support reset & reconstitution plan to coordinate effective adjustments to force structure

8.  Strengthen equipment support links between installations  &  field-level readiness

9.  Enhance equipment support sequence between manoeuvre training sites & power projection platforms

10.  Promote institutional readiness utilising common output levels to preserve visibility of equipment support  &  services

11.  Assess logistics requirements for equipment support information capabilities  &  focus deliberate attention to reduce footprint

12. Invest in future capabilities to ensure interoperation  &  integration of equipment support to facilitate mission execution

13.  Resource  &  standardise equipment support service centres to meet future field-level requirements for extending support to deployed units

14.  Create equipment support plans to make informed decisions on how to reduce footprint of field-level units

15.  Work to mature equipment support curriculum  &  design manoeuvres within service-sponsored exercise programmes

16.   Deliver equipment support sets/operational capability for deploying field-level units

17.   Adjust equipment support item-specific processes  &  coordinate/shape requirements with other units

18.  Review/validate equipment support  task-organised structure & mission statements

19.  Assign equipment support processes to assess/refine logistics structure across field-level units

20.  Oversee operational policy with direct focus on equipment support capability in field-level units

21. Update & recommend changes to approved sourcing objectives to right-size equipment support functions

22.  Establish equipment support service life timeline strategies to reduce upgrade/repair problems

23.  Assess operational connection potential of equipment support for maximising manoeuvre capacity required

24.  Sustain field-level equipment support operations to meet operational time & space constraints

25.   Implement tactical equipment support service-oriented manoeuvre system interoperations

26.  Create equipment support tracking strategy  &  decision support solutions to support field-level information filters

27.  Establish equipment support policy to determine upgrade/repair tech relation to equipment ratios planning factors

28.  Ensure field-level coordination between distinct units  &  assess policy implications of equipment support upgrade/repair operations

29.  Assess equipment support distribution policies to validate/refine roles & responsibilities for manoeuvre

30.   Determine/report performance of each equipment support upgrade/repair centre to establish sound doctrine

31.   Create concepts  &  capabilities to enable more effective, efficient and responsive upgrade/repair of equipment support

32.  Establish & validate equipment support item-specific operational upgrade/repair process metrics

33.   Align operational equipment support linked to supply with field-level contingency manoeuvre advocacy

34.    Continue to evaluate equipment support condition-based upgrade/repair standards to focus resources where & when needed most

35.  Refine integration across logistics efforts to improve equipment support platform-specific information sharing

36.  Establish equipment support programme of record for initial capabilities to meet intent of field-level training

37.  Create established equipment support concepts  &  capabilities to enhance sustainment efforts

38.   Execute logistics-specific experimental framework to meet field-level equipment support operational requirements

39.  Continue plans to implement logistics training strategy & standardise/update field-level equipment support curriculum

40.   Create pre-deployment equipment support certification process/processes to enable mission success of manoeuvres

41.   Match item-specific equipment support capacity with operational plans to meet contingency requirements

42.   Continue to refine & implement innovative integration initiatives to enable equipment support platform-specific sustainment concepts

43.   Examine utility of forward positioning logistics capabilities to support equipment support field-level units

44.   Identify & implement force structure policy changes required to increase stability/cohesion of field-level equipment support units

45.   Monitor  &  report on status of revisions to pre-deployment equipment support certification policy/processes

46.  Provide as required overarching logistics update status of manoeuvres & implementation of equipment support sustainment policy

47.  Establish/delineate functional responsibility for equipment support logistics tech & creation of future capabilities

48.  Expand  &  refine logistics innovative tech interoperability capabilities to ensure integration of field-level equipment support intelligence

49.  Update field-level sponsorship  & responsibilities for equipment support to increase oversight to shape mission success requirements

50.  Create equipment support plan to leverage other service training  forums to enhance skills in joint logistics  &  integration of other functional command capabilities



07/19/2016 9:19am

Wow this is very useful and professional techniques you have mentioned here. I have noted down few.. you have to determine the performance of logistics hubs and equipment support demand signal levels. Thank you for sharing such different topic.

07/30/2016 4:36am

You just shared fifty techniques with dispatcher team. But not all of them can be used at once for making the things perfect. Some of them can be skipped because of time shortage. And some new methods implemented for making things easier to cope with new technologies.

04/08/2017 5:15am

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