1.    Plan, coordinate, monitor, evaluate & adjust equipment reset actions to support installation operations for meeting force structure requirements.

2.    Identify resource requirements to facilitate equipment reset plans/execution & monitor progress of service life phase determination by administration

3.     Integrate logistics plans, policies & strategic mobility so installation capabilities for equipment reset are integrated

4.    Establish specific installation Sustainment, Restoration & Modernisation programmes for equipment reset requirements.

5.    Monitor mechanisms to Identify progress of fiscal resources available to facilitate equipment reset project planning & execution.

6.    Establish equipment reset schedule link efforts between operational & strategic levels of providing critical logistics intel

7.    Identify operational requirements to monitor force readiness lists to facilitate equipment reset/reconstitution planning & execution.

8.    Create pre-positioning reset programmes so all critical supply & equipment shortfalls are Identify/prioritise

9.    Ensure equipment upgrade/repair execution programming is linked with reset & reconstitution priorities

10.    Review/provide assessment on progress/effectiveness of equipment reset programme resourcing.

11.   Create equipment upgrade/repair requirements & reconstitution concepts related to critical reset operations

12.   Identify equipment purchased through  Urgent operational requirements Statements of installations for reset

13.   Load reset Capacity Allowance requirements & establish coordinated programmatic resources to Identify equipment sustainment requirements

14.    Identify, consolidate & publish outdated equipment lists requiring reset to provide interim capabilities until procurement actions can be accomplished.

15.  Determine final installation destination of specific equipment being reset, retrograded, redeployed, or redistributed.

16.   Provide reset information on non-system equipment to ensure accurate visibility & integrity of all applicable equipment policies are followed.

17.   Assess capabilities of Main system efforts for execution of equipment reset returning from theatre & Perform depot level upgrade/repair

18.     Provide assistance to ensure high performance levels of field level reset for equipment returned directly to local installations

19.   Execute creation of installation reset capacity issues lists according to equipment priorities for retrograde, redeployment & repair

20.   Publish/maintain expedited equipment reset plan incorporating capacity from depots, commercial outsourcing, etc.

21.    Establish supply requisitions for equipment shortfalls & create receipt, reset & distribution of Cross-Servicing sourcing Agreements

22.   Provide/maintain equipment rotation programme resources during reconstituting force structure throughout reset logistics link enterprise

23.     Ensure Consolidated reset Issue installations capture accurate fiscal assessments & reorder Individual Equipment items to replace damaged items

24.    Execute tagging, marking & equipment tracking mechanisms entered into installation reset service plans.

25.     Identify resource requirements to facilitate reset planning & execution for equipment forecast coordination with projected upgrade/repair workload Support Establishment

26.    Execute reconstitution of pre-positioning programmes & Maintain liaison with Installations concerning projected equipment loads en route to reset

27.   Facilitate installation-directed retrograde of equipment to reset depots within & outside of theater

28.    Arrange operational reset requirements to move transferred equipment to applicable installation debarkation points

29.    Utilise Joint Planning & Execution System when redeploying associated unit equipment for reset operations

30.    Make sure Installations Report/track strategic equipment transit within/outside of theater for critical reset missions.

31.   Utilise Time-Phased reset criterion process when redeploying equipment & Assume custody of all equipment being retrograded

32.      Identify installation resource requirements to facilitate reset plans/execution & Coordinate Service Life Phase plans for equipment returning from theatre

33.   Provide support to facilitate In-Transit Visibility of operational equipment being reset & distributed for reconstitution

34.    Identify installation location of equipment for reset & Determine equipment reset strategies for each Authorised Materiel Control item track

35.     Execute smart & expedited substitute procurement actions for equipment determined uneconomical to repair during reset evaluations

36.    Identify secondary equipment upgrade/repair factors requiring track tags during reset & reconstitution.

37.      Update equipment reset upgrade/repair & supply transit/arrival schedules resulting from new procurements

38.  Provide equipment reset plans in support of administrative transfers via upgrade/repair Programme Office.

39.    Implement equipment reset & reconstitution at operational/tactical levels in accordance with force structure priorities.

40.     Conduct upgrade/repair actions on equipment returning from operations using appropriate reset fiscal capacity

41.     Ensure accountability of all equipment received so Items are picked up on reset records & properly reported in readiness reports

42.   Perform field level upgrade/repair of equipment & Coordinate with applicable installations for reset supply/support.

43.   Coordinate equipment reset fiscal requirements & Provide adequate reset resources for equipment stock returning from theater.

44.      Coordinate with installations for equipment reset supply & upgrade/repair support to ensure accurate accountability of all issued supply

45.    Ensure required equipment reset capabilities remain in theater for mission accomplishment & execute strategic movements within/outside of theatre

46.     Inform installations of redeploying units & equipment being turned out by reset to achieve operational control of retrograde/redeployment process.

47.   Validate force structure requirements met by reset operations & equipment density lists to support mission success in theatre

48.     Coordinate transit requirements with installations to Assist/facilitate reset command & control of equipment retrograde/redeployment.

49.    Ensure adequate surge upgrade/repair capabilities & contracting support are in place to support reset of critical equipment.

50.    Perform reset liaison with equipment support services & installations to redistribute equipment assets in support of operational transition.



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