Here we present emphasis on advanced application of Equipment Upgrade/Repair Work Orders during in-service phases of equipment sustainment to begin with concept design & continue until equipment completes each service deployment based on schedule series.  Guides for better Mission-effective equipment status from operational & cost standpoint must be improved by establishing upgrade/repair work order programme during early sourcing phases design & subsequent deployment efforts to complete missions. 

Using equipment upgrade/repair work orders as part of design process allows early identification of equipment reset modes based on condition/perform-based assessment actions. Equipment must require design improvements benefiting from introduction of design features such as easy access, new technology, easy inspection or interchanged part types, or technological advances.  Upgrade/Repair work order activity must be scheduled based on Sourcing Programme Phases.  

Guides to better support new Design/Assess of equipment with reduced Logistics Footprint must provide schedules to use in define/assess programme activities to meet mission requirements during equipment system sustainment.  Emphasis is placed on reliable design for increased reliable & reduced Logistics Footprint to provide for effective product support. 

This Guide stresses the use of equipment upgrade/repair work orders to realise system-based approaches to determine equipment reset consequences & must identify most applicable/effective sustainment tasks.  Appropriate use of condition/perform-based assessment technologies must be established by modern diagnostic/prognostic tools to integrate on/off-board monitoring, testing schedule deter mination, & information collection capabilities to enhance overall system support.

These practices must include modern equipment condition/perform-based trend reviews, point-of upgrade/repair work order schedules, risk mitigation, serial parts type item clarification, automatic identification technology & information-driven, interactive training at installations. 

Ultimately, these practises must increase operational availability & readiness of equipment at reduced costs covering everything from initial sourcing phase factors & work order schedules to sustainment operations.   Here we present guidance for appropriate equipment upgrade/repair work order activities prior/during/after multiple equipment sourcing phase Milestones.

1.       Equipment Sourcing process assess routine repair/upgrade work order provide situation info to discover trends & schedule pattern to formulate/revise materiel resource decision

2.       Equipment Sourcing risk control compare situation monitor repair/upgrade work order allocation report appraise schedule feedback loop & tech activity extent for clear structure change adjust

3.       Equipment Sourcing process determine qualities motivate assign conflict risk assess tech communicate schedule info require for effective & clear, measurable, achievable repair/upgrade work orders

4.       Equipment Sourcing project collect baseline equipment info & situation resource charting, action plan, implement schedule & monitor progress for repair/upgrade work order evaluation

5.       Equipment Sourcing action plan checklist activate accomplish schedule objective & resource location, coordinate/implement detailed fiscal monitor & evaluate repair/upgrade work order quality assurance

6.       Equipment Sourcing situation determine repair/upgrade work order goal expectations & critical schedule phase risks constitute basis for choosing factor evaluate & monitor time-bound activity during implement

7.       Equipment Sourcing consider realistic draft of objectives & constraints, assumptions detailed, schedule limitations determine to assess concrete repair/upgrade work order process goals

8.       Equipment Sourcing projects determine causal relationships behind repair/upgrade work order objectives consider combined requirements & shed light on how schedule links interact & consequences

9.       Equipment Sourcing process determine organisation account for repair/upgrade work order type assist, target group offers for real schedule change & mobilised structures

10.   Equipment Sourcing Brainstorming sessions address all identified schedule requirement baseline set with all stakeholders to prioritise info collection process for repair/upgrade work order review, method Q &A



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