1.    What supplier participation factors are considered essential to equipment contract quote planning for procurement of equipment upgrade/repair services?

2.    What are essential properties of “Equipment Technical Specifications”? What are considerations in setting quotes for technical specifications of the goods to be procured?

3.    What are “Approved Budgets for Contract Quotes” & determinate factors to establish in consultations between procurement entity & suppliers?

4.    What Bidding Documents are associated with suppliers & What contents constitute properly drafted Quotes? What other practices must Procuring Entity observe to ensure successful procurement?

5.    What suppliers participate in the preparation of Bidding Documents & when must action be taken over period of contract quote negotiation?

6.    What disparate types/sizes of equipment contracts are provided in Bidding Documents & How are Quote requirements for technical equipment specs prepared?

7.    Who determines the form of Bid Security & amount required to be submitted by suppliers? What is the period of validity of Quotes and corresponding performance Security?

8.    What happens if a supplier does not submit service/quality performance Security Quotes? When must Bid Securities be posted/returned to the bidders?

9.    What are essential forms of Performance Security & corresponding amounts required for successful Quote evaluations? Who determines form of the Performance Security to be submitted by winning bidder?

10.     In case of changes to contract Quotes, will there be corresponding changes in amount of Performance Security? When must Performance Security be posted/released?

11.  Why/When are Pre-procurement Conference required & when must Quote determination be conducted? Who calls for Pre-procurement Conferences & what communications with participant suppliers must be achieved?

12.   How/why are Invitation to suppliers constructed for contract Eligibility & what Quote information is contained in post?

13.  When, where & for how long are Invitations to Apply for Eligibility posted to provide Quote & how to ensure posting requirements are complied with?

14.   When must contract Quote evaluations be made available to prospective supplier & how issued? What are the responsibilities of suppliers for Bidding Documents?

15.   Why are Pre-bid Conferences conducted for Quote determination? What suppliers must attend & how conduct behaviour during Pre-bid Conference & other stages of procurement process?

16.   What happens if there is a need for Quote clarification or interpretation on Bidding Documents after Pre-bid Conference swith suppliers are held?

17.     What suppliers are involved in preparation of Supplemental/Bid Quote Bulletin? How is a Supplemental/Bid Bulletin issued?

18.   What/when are suppliers eligible to bid for contracts? What are minimum eligibility requirements & what happens when supplier does not submit its Quote envelope on date required?

19.   When must Quote eligibility envelope be opened? What are the contents of the Technical Proposal for equipment specs? What are fiscal contents of such Proposal?

20.   When must Quotes be submitted? What suppliers are involved in the receipt & opening of eligibility envelopes & bids? How are bidding envelopes opened?

21.   What happens if only one supplier submits Quote eligibility envelopes? What recourse do suppliers have when determined to be ineligible or declared non-compliant with technical or fiscal requirements?

22.   What happens if questions/concerns are raised about Quote validity & eligibility of a prospective supplier after it had been declared as eligible?

23.   What are factors for when supplier Quotes do not qualify for meeting equipment specs requirements? Other than declaration of ineligibility, is there another way by which suppliers are disqualified from bidding?

24.    What happens if no prospective supplier is declared eligible? What happens if only one supplier Quote passes the Preliminary Examination of Bids?

25.   What happens if supplier Quotes do not comply with the Tech/Fiscal requirements of Bid? Can bid be withdrawn?

26.   What is the purpose of Quote Evaluation? Who are supplier participants present in Evaluation Process? How/When are bids evaluated?

27.   Are there special privileges for outstanding supplier Quote cooperatives in equipment supply? What may be done if all prospective bidders are unable to comply with contract requirements?

28.    What happens if suppliers do not accept tech/fiscal corrections for Quote performance? How is the right to match undertaken in bidding of contracts?

29.   What does supplier Post-Quote qualification entail & What is Timeline? What suppliers are involved in the conduct of Post-qualification?

30.   How is Post Quote-qualification conducted? What happens if suppliers fail Post-qualification process?

31.   When must Procuring Entity exercise its right to reject Quotes, declare a failure of bidding, or not award the contract?

32.   How are technical rules on Contract Award established & What is Timeline for Contract Award?  What suppliers are involved in Quote process & how is contract awarded?

33.      When must winning bidder & Procuring Entity enter into a contract? What are best Timelines to be considered with respect to effective contract Quote approval?

34.   What properties of Quotes are instrumental in formulating different parts of contract? What rules governing contract review/approval for meeting equipment specifications?

35.     What happens if supplier refuses or is unable, through its own fault or not, to post performance security requirements & sign contract within prescribed period covered by Quote Schedule?

36.   What instances of Quote preparation precipitate employment of dual stage Competitive Bidding Procedure by procure entity & What is the timeline, conduct standards?  

37.   What suppliers participate in dual stage Competitive Quote Procedure process & What happens if no prospective supplier submits a Letter of Intent?

38.  What rules govern use of new/established procurement techniques for supplier Quote evaluation? When is Limited Source Bidding allowed, who will be invited to bid?

39.    How is procurement through Limited Source Bidding method conducted? Are supplier Quote & performance securities required for this procurement technique?

40.   When is Direct Contracting involved/justified? How are Direct Quote arrangements with suppliers conducted? Should a Procuring Entity require a performance security under this procurement technique?

41.    What are Quote Repeat Orders & when is supplier participation Allowed? What suppliers qualify for equipment contracts via Repeat Orders & how performed?

42.   How is Shopping performed & when allowed? What suppliers participate in Quote conduct of procurement through Shopping? Are performance securities still required for Shopping procurement techniques?

43.      How/When is Negotiated Procurement allowed for equipment Quotes & undertaken? What supplier parties participate & Are bid and performance securities required for purchases made using this technique?

44.   What equipment requirements are specified in equipment Contract for supplier Implementation of services? When shall a contract be deemed effective?

45.   What purpose do Quote requirements serve & when is equipment considered unserviceable? Are there instances where partial release or reduction of information must be performed by the Procuring Entity?

46.     When can the Procuring Entity issue an Amendment to Order? Are corresponding adjustments in contract Quotes and/or delivery schedules allowed? What rules govern price adjustments due to Amendment to Order?

47.   What suppliers are involved in issuance of Amendment to Order Quotes? Can suppliers proceed with work orders under an Amendment to Order even if not yet been approved?

48.    What are grounds for suspension of delivery or contract implementation? Are corresponding adjustments in contract Quotes and/or delivery schedule allowed?

49.  When must supplier resume delivery and/or contract implementation? Who are parties involved in the issuance of a Suspension Order & how are quote determinations issued under these circumstances?

50.   What are contract quote rules on applicable schedule periods for equipment delivery or performance of suppliers for provided services?



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