Work order schedule projects are a well-established approach to controlling the introduction of new upgrade/repair simulation initiatives or organisational changes within DoD. Fleet equipment part Type & Size Deployment episodes are finite in length, usually one-time pieces of work involving a number of activities that must be completed within a given time frame determined by contract quotes, and often on a fixed budget unique to each installation.

Common examples of work order schedule projects are the provision of factors related to deficits in equipment part supply route condition & performance-based metrics & measures leading to DoD Registration with dispatchers for introduction of new substitute resources to be strategically sourced to meet requirements of equipment upgrade/repair simulations--usually related to the installation of a new piece of infrastructure, or creation of new tools for contract quote determination.

While the very simplest work order schedule projects can be administered easily by DoD with just applying common sense & just getting on with things, equipment upgrade/repair simulations that are more complex need a great deal of planning by dispatchers & stand to benefit from a formal, disciplined approach to evaluation of equipment upgrade/repair simulation.

From making sure that contract quote activities will actually meet the specified needs for equipment upgrade/repair simulations requested by multiple installations, to devising work order schedule periods, developing DoD  systems for reporting progress & detailing the parameters of fleet equipment parts deployment requests--– all of these issues require responsible consideration & effort.

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