Navy Visiting Executives seek to obtain evidence of high-quality solutions for equipment upgrade/repair requirements executed in timely & cost effective manner. Demonstrating outstanding “past performance & future potential” at Work Site is one of your units most valuable assets contributing to obtaining favourable Reviews.

Navy executives are looking for innovation, creativity, agility, new efficiency initiatives & cost savings in interactions with suppliers. Visiting executive is not just good at communicating what Navy does what it does, it is best in the world & it plans to keep it that way. So Navy needs the best upgrade/repair sites in the world to help it accomplish its mission.

 Let’s put it in terms you can really utilise as equipment repair/upgrade site administrator. Bottom line is that most capable site operators offer responsible & effective use of Navy resources, becoming poised to eventually win follow-up work task orders. This imperative is key to successfully competing task orders, so your site must be capable first & foremost in offering top-notch technical services.

 Building up your repair/upgrade site capabilities to Navy standards quickly as you can in your areas of specialisation needs to be a very high-priority goal for you. Tailoring & targeting your units success rates for future follow-on work is great idea. Here's a challenge to you and your unit. What new technologies & process adaptations can you demonstrate in your practises that Navy could use? What can you do to help us improve success of upgrade/repair operations?

 Navy Executive Site Visit Reviews alone cannot guarantee you orders for follow-on work. You must get them yourself! Keys are for you to become proactive & concentrate on building up your units core competence as fast as possible. Beyond the all-important capabilities of your upgrade/repair site, be sure to get top-notch expert guidance on how to read work order solicitations & write effective proposals.  

Visit information sources on Best Practises provided by Navy on regular basis, search for work orders in your areas of expertise & products/services. Then, it is your responsibility to prepare & submit effective cost quotes for large-dollar-value work orders. Be sure to send in effective technical, past performance & cost proposal package.

Investigate advantages of support services offered to you in Navy Technical Manuals by contacting office of Visiting Executive. There are many services & training opportunities to place your unit in strong position to secure follow-up work. If you can provide evidence of your units core competence in key technical subject areas, submit written responses to the Following Questions prior to site visit.

Navy Visiting Executive can work for you by highlighting your issues & concerns with Top Brass in charge of making policy your unit will have to follow. Jump-start your operations by filling out this Checklist:

1. Do you need to perform work on key supplies or item of equipment? Will it address an important or new operational problem or improve existing services?

2. Is it vital, essential or not so essential for eventual mission in field? Can potential of equipment be justified?

3. Is it new asset or replacing existing equipment? Has your existing equipment reached the end of its useful technical life? Is it no longer economical to repair?

4. Is supplier no longer producing spare parts, consumables & accessories? Are more effective or cost-effective supplier models available?

5. What level of quality best meets mission requirements? How often will the item be used & how long is it expected to last?

6. Are you buying high-performance supplies & equipment available? Are they of adequate quality & obtainable at good price?

7. Would it be more cost-effective to spend more on a higher quality item? Is it difficult to identify other suppliers?

8. Are the supplies or equipment appropriate for the type of services your site provides? Are your technical skills suitable for existing work space conditions?

9. Will the supplies or equipment be compatible with your existing equipment for use? Will the item be familiar & acceptable to your upgrade/repair technicians?

10. Will you be able to obtain spare parts, consumables & accessories? Is the equipment supplied with necessary operations & service manuals? What training & technical support will be provided?


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