Dispatchers have provided command with a review of Fleet Deployment supply  route infrastructure equipment upgrade/repair  schedule and spare parts supply valuation & tracking systems currently utilised at multiple installations.

The report discusses the evaluation process of several contract procurement quote system components utilised by dispatchers such as Plug & Play Common Work Orders. The key features, capabilities, and limitations of the evaluated application in issuing sourcing tickets are presented.  

The equipment upgrade/repair quote schedule systems project is being carried out at the evaluation centre & collaborating installations organised by dispatchers. One of the objectives of the Upgrade quote schedule project is the assignment of surge contingency scenario roadmaps designed to identify areas where further investigation & process control are required for the integration of quote schedules involved in building Fleet deployment route service infrastructure.   

In accomplishing this objective, it was necessary for dispatchers to evaluate the current state-of-the-art represented by a wide cross-section of existing contract procurement quote systems. The report does not rate or rank the relative quality of strategies designed by command, but aims primarily to provide dispatchers at the evaluation centre with an objective review of representative system samples.

Available systems utilised by the application & key considerations that need to be addressed in the process of selecting spare parts supply valuation techniques  detailed by dispatchers designed to administer equipment upgrade/repair quote schedule systems.

In conclusion, the report presented by dispatchers is aimed to review  relationships between Fleet Deployment  infrastructure & spare parts supply valuation/tracking by equipment upgrade/repair scheduling systems. The main features, capabilities, and limitations of the contract procurement quote systems were briefly discussed.

1.       Baseline Comparison Studies of equipment condition/perform-based assessments using like/similar equipment must be accomplished to identify opportunities for creating improved processes & establish sustainment support.

2.       Equipment upgrade/repair work order Use Case Studies must be undertaken to clarify issues/constraints related to requirements for carrying out condition/perform-based assessments at multiple installations.

3.       Initial equipment upgrade/repair work order plans must ensure determination of reset status uncovered by condition/perform-based assessments conducted consistent with design/tech advances to allow design influence for optimised sourcing phase schedule action.

4.       Equipment Upgrade/repair work order plans must clearly identify selection criteria of excellent installation candidate selection, schedule/resource requirements, support design constraint, ground rules for design evaluation & trade-off process determination.

5.       Upgrade/repair work order plans must establish programme framework for equipment sustainment. Identification of condition/perform-based assessment requirements for design & establish feedback mechanisms for testing results or early prototype fielding efforts.

6.       Equipment reset approaches must consider tech advances in upgrade/repair work order routing principles to reduce reliance on physical inspections & schedule jobs, facilitating opportunities for mission success.

7.       Equipment Design tradeoff plans & processes must be in place to ensure new equipment upgrade/repair work order  technologies are evaluated for cost- effective sustainment activities at installations.

8.       Tech advances for equipment upgrade/repair work order routing must be evaluated for anticipated risks requiring process mitigation until design requirement maturity can be evaluated in field of operation.

9.        Lessons learned from fielded equipment programs incorporating tech advances in upgrade/repair work order review must be incorporated into support design requirements for condition/perform-based assessments.

10.   Consensus between installation must be in place to establish new approaches for use of equipment sourcing phase information routing & must utilise reliable support reviews, establishing requirements for  condition/perform-based assessments.



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Your information regarding these techniques are very useful to me. I tried to do the work before but I keep on feeling that I'm missing something important. I still lack experience and I'm new to this field that is why I still need guidance. I still have so much to learn. Thank you for sharing!


We should discuss this questions more detailed if you would have a free time. Thanks a lot for your work!


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