The main objective of the report is to provide command with an objective review of existing equipment upgrade/repair  quote schedule system  technologies & identify a number of surge contingency scenario logistics considerations dispatchers are required to address  in the process of selecting spare part supply valuation/tracking required for administration of equipment upgrade/repair quote scheduling systems.

The report also highlights areas where further investigations, inquiry & process design by dispatchers are required to extend the scope & capabilities of existing sourcing ticket systems to better support the sustainable evaluation of Fleet Deployment infrastructure upgrade specs.  

Systematic advances in the logistics deployed for surge contingency scenarios have been detailed by dispatchers at the evaluation centre in determining  factors related to Fleet Deployment route infrastructure & spare part supply valuation/tracking systems. Plug & Play Common work order solutions are generally used to store and evaluate fleet upgrade specs, supporting operational & strategic decision-making processes.

Contract procurement quote system  functions are  integrated by dispatchers  so  equipment upgrade/repair quote schedule systems can interact with and interpret the output coming from sourcing tickets at installations characterised by dissimilar processes & variable levels of maturity. 

Compared to applications already being used at other installations, dispatcher efforts to date have characterised spare parts asset tracking & equipment upgrade/repair scheduling  systems  showing promise in degree of simulation capabilities & scope even while they still need work in terms of meeting the specific requirements that have been outlined by command in the briefings we have canvassed.

The review discussed in the report was subject to space consideration & should be viewed by decision-makers as constituting representative samples of currently available spare parts supply valuation models & equipment upgrade/repair scheduling systems  characterised by dispatchers in terms of functionality, features &  limitations.

1.       Equipment Upgrade/Repair work orders must be identified as integrated functions of sustainment Planning & Support with new processes in place for constant status reviews & advanced Design Interface Activities.

2.       Functional equipment reset modes & effective review methods must be established to identify likely upgrade/repair work order scenarios requiring design activities to complete mission requirements.

3.       Initial upgrade/repair work order approaches must identify strategies for equipment condition-based assessments & perform reviews to establish lessons learned from review of current/updated systems.

4.       Upgrade/repair work order reviews at functional level must identify likely condition/perform-based assessment strategies & equipment reset processes to be incorporated into design requirements.

5.       Potential technologies to improves equipment condition/perform-based assessments & reset strategies must be identified when  requirements for mission success depend on consistent update of sustainment activities.

6.       Potential review tools, including required equipment upgrade/repair work order functions for sustainment operation & sourcing phase schedule interfaces must be identified for evaluation/selection of process updates.

7.       Equipment upgrade/repair work order concepts must be integral & influential in condition/perform-based assessments for advances in sustainment process concepts under continuous review.

8.       Organisational responsibilities must be clearly established for sourcing phases conduct/assessment of upgrade/repair work order efforts to include required avenues for integration across installations.

9.       Equipment sourcing phase schedule requirements must be identified for upgrade/repair work order efforts to include technology maturation for new initiatives to be detailed in subsequent sustainment operations.

10.   Equipment Design trade-off reviews must evaluate effects on condition/perform-based assessments & reset strategies must be evaluated based on utilising upgrade/repair work order concepts for mission success.



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