To be procure provider of choice for aviation maintenance, repair, overhaul capabilities & services.

To procure quality airframes, engines, components & support equipment providing service meeting Naval Aviation aircraft ready-for-tasking goals with improved effectiveness & efficiency.

Service Structure:

Navy's shore-based off-aircraft & depot level aviation procure/repair providers. We supply skills, processes, installation resources needed to accomplish maintenance, repair & overhaul of aviation assets to procure forces assets ready to train, fight & win. Our procure professionals deliver mission capable & effective equipment platforms.

Our mission is to procure quality airframes, engines, components, support equipment & provide services to meet organisational goals directly supports mission to maintain, train & equip combat-ready forces.

Establishes one of the most significant changes in Naval Aviation procure/repair timelines to move maintenance, repair & overhaul capabilities as close to flight line as possible for greater operational speed. To provide more responsive & agile “off-flight line” repair capability by improving standardisation & ability to replicate best practices across installations.

Work closely with contractors to procure, repair aircraft & components, employing suppliers when in search of new technologies, parts & techniques.

Mission to provide agile, relevant, quality support equipment maintenance, repair & overhaul services to meet Naval Aviation procure requirements & fleet response requirements in efficient & cost effective manner. Services provide seamless integrated maintenance, repair & overhaul services to reduce time & improve availability of ready for use aviation support equipment assets for mission activities.

Sets organisational procure goals to utilise standardised processes across integrated workforce, facilitating readiness aligned to our mission and vision.


Provides procurement of full-depot equipment rework capabilities for both common & unique depot-level upgrades/modifications, for thousands of end items & oversight for select original equipment supplier depot maintenance:

End items supported include:

1.   aircraft handling equipment
2.   avionics test sets
3.   aircraft weapons support equipment
4.   hydraulics
5.   aircraft engine test cells
6.   support equipment engine overhaul
7.   transmissions
8.   component design field team services
9.   stationary test stands
10.  miscellaneous support equipment items



11/23/2016 6:52am

Your services is great that you are providing some necessary equipment and market it through this article. It is best source to increase your business rate and maintain it with well method and ability to replicate best practices across installations. I really happy to read all supported equipment list in this article and I thanks much for share it.


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