Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply for positions of interest & be in good standing. The candidate who is hired for this open position will be classified as Team Dispatcher & will become responsible for day-to-day activities & function as replacement for that position when in place & trained.


Repair Shop Success Dispatchers work in conjunction with suppliers for DoD buy Requirements in the field, to ensure the Repair Specialists has the best possible experience. This consists of the services, equipment specs, contracts and payments for the programme.

This position will lead a team of dispatchers responsible for the messaging, packaging, and delivery of our equipment specs to DoD.

You will also be responsible for bringing new equipment specs, features, and/or services to DoD, working closely with our equipment specs team and leading Repair Specialists research. This is a core role at the heart of all operations, from equipment specs generation to DoD buy requirements to be communicated to suppliers.

We are seeking a talented dispatcher candidate to focus on equipment supply lead generation and converting equipment supply leads into happy Repair Specialists! You will be responsible for understanding what activities increase Repair Specialists generation from our mobile application and using inbound dispatch tactics to add value through content, resources, and other calls-to-action. Your goal is to turn interested, qualified equipment supply leads into successful Repair Specialists



1. Be available to respond to multiple in-bound; outbound call schedule inquiries every day operations are in an active state detailed by our mobile application

2.Become the primary in-house contact for Repair Specialists by fielding all their incoming calls/e-mails and by conducting calls to offer "start-up" training to each Repair Specialists to ensure they get the maximum benefit from their Work Order Schedule Builder Programme

3. Uncover the Repair Specialists business needs & internal work order flows to aide them in best utilising our programme

4. Stay current on all new equipment specs and be proficient in how and when to introduce them during the course of a support call or outbound bound "start-up" call

-5. Strategise & work directly with Repair Specialists & suppliers for DoD buy Requirements in the field as to how to best handle issues relating to orders, payments & equipment specs

6. Communicate with fiscal administrative teams regarding payment & collections issues & with Work Order Processing regarding "loose ends", "Rejects", etc. Provide technical support relating to the Repair Specialists Experience

7. Maintain all mobile application exhibitor info by entering them into team programme, bringing any inappropriate requests to attention and checking over work order lists. Handle all schedule inquiries;

8. Fully understand all internal mobile application systems in order to gain access to all info needed to fully support both Repair Specialists & suppliers for DoD buy Requirements, suggesting solutions/opportunities to DoD divisions

9) Contacts suppliers for DoD buy Requirements  on the phone to secure new & updated information on current & proposed per the equipment specs schedule determination process 

10. Obtains Schedule plans for entering/linking to equipment specs information; Work to develop supply contracts with DoD buy requirements to ensure cooperation & flow of information;

11. Develops strategies to overcome schedule objections & complaints;  Creates opportunities with Repair Job Communications Team to sell usage of self-serve work order flow tools. Follows up on equipment supplier leads to develop Repair Job reports;

12. Works collaboratively with equipment suppliers reporting Consultants to ensure complete administrative coverage & follow up; Utilises work order date file & call schedule to ensure organised, timely & complete coverage; Identify & source mobile application system sites for information related to assigned suppliers

13. Lead a team of dispatchers to ensure success and adoption of our equipment specs as they go to meet DoD buy Requirements;

14. Develop strategies for pricing, messaging, packaging, promotion & dissemination of our equipment specs; Train and support dispatcher & Repair Specialist support teams on new tools and equipment specs; Serve as a strong

15. Keep our organisation up-to-date with DoD buy requirement trends & stay several steps ahead of the competition at all times Constant evaluation & implementation of our listed Repair Jobs

16. Maximise conversion rates on associated work orders; Responsible for effectiveness & optimisation of equipment supply promotion campaigns

17. Provide strategic input & insights for work order administrative flow of DoD buy requirements requests & on-going equipment supply needs; Define & create DoD buy requirements & equipment supplier lead capture pages

18. Use Repair Intelligence tools to develop insights &  make recommendations for change; Collaborate with internal strategic repair units/equipment spec teams & external agencies on strategic recommendations based on uncovered schedule visability;

19. Assess & interpret what behaviours & patterns make Repair Specialists successful & more likely to be retained by our organisation;

20. Create the strategy for servicing our equipment supplier leads through a mix of content creation & other calls-to-action; Find new approaches to equipment supply lead generation including but not limited to new communication channels

21. Implement new repair job projects & creative ideas that help improve Repair Specialists conversion rates; Work with internal/external divisions creating DoD buy requirements on equipment service tests

22. Implement mobile application strategy across multiple sources with Repair Specialist user ability sessions & survey tools;

23. Monitor & identify competitor techniques &  benchmark performance of our organisation against similar entities;

24. Monitor DoD buy requirements search trends & identify new opportunities for schedule optimisation; Facilitate communication between creative, technical & mobile application teams;

25. Work with dispatch teams to identify & design new scheduling tools & mobile application systems to improve efficiency in meeting DoD buy requirements; Collect information identifying DoD buy requirements trends & preferences;

26. Prepare periodic financial reporting package & Assist in annual budget preparation; Maintain general mobile application ledger & chart of accounts & Prepare/review journal entries;  Prepare periodic account reconciliations/properties & schedules

27. Educate both internal & external stakeholders on our equipment specs features &  benefits;  Communicate DoD buy requirements content to suppliers with documentation/forums to articulate the benefits of our equipment specs generation process

28. Assist suppliers to record DoD buy Requirements on conference calls when appropriate to provide deeper dives into equipment specs; Speak & present both internally & externally to promote the success story of our equipment specs; 

29. Measure & optimise the equipment buyer journey through DoD divisions as it relates to equipment specs feature adoption & usage;

30. Coordinate with outside suppliers for DoD buy Requirements process approach to deployment and training for Enterprise Level/Repair Jobs Pipeline Repair Specialists & select prospects;

31. Conduct initial suppliers for DoD buy Requirements presentations & Repair Specialists training via conference calls

32. Maintain complete & accurate contact records with all Repair Specialists & prospects; Capture & report feedback from all Enterprise Level & Repair Job Pipeline Repair Specialists with the goal of enhancing equipment specs generation processes;

33. Research budget forms received to ensure application to appropriate Repair Specialists account & invoices; Complete entry of fiscal receipts & reconcile batches on regular basis; Prepare equipment specs deposits & Scan all receipt documentation integrated into the daily work order flow

 34.  Process all Repair Specialists-related adjustments after reviewing them for accuracy, appropriate approval & documentation & notify any necessary dispatch team members;

35. Promote daily interaction with Repair Specialists & Paid Work Order Processing to assist in addressing questions/concerns/problems; Provide backup support to mobile application Specialists.

  36. Review Accounts fiscal invoices received prior to processing to ensure appropriate approval, adequate documentation of expenses & accuracy of equipment specs work order codes;

37. Complete the input of the payables into the mobile application system, run all audits & updates, review for accuracy, & Prepare with appropriate backup and forward for review

38. Update/distribute DoD Buy requirements & enter all documentation as integrated into daily work order flows; Provide support to all in-house dispatch team members & equipment suppliers regarding questions related to fiscal accounts;

39. Maintain/update suppliers for DoD Requirements records to ensure accuracy of equipment specs history includes follow-up to ensure receipt;

40. Make routine decisions related to the preparation & issue of mobile application checks/balances, & re-issuing. Cross train staff as appropriate.

41. Complete periodic journal entries into mobile application for miscellaneous deposits and recording of other equipment specs upon request. Learn & internalise The dispatch service experience & equipment supply process in support of our value propositions for DoD divisions;

42. Interact daily with prospective suppliers utilising our organisational structure for DoD Requirements process to set up new schedule appointments; Present/Promote our equipment specs dispatch services through conference call features in mobile application – Internal suppliers for DoD buy Requirements reviews;

43. Act upon & display dispatch skills to successfully represent our organisational equipment specs services to build & strengthen schedule appointment pipeline;

44. Communicate with regional prospects to support suppliers for DoD buy Requirements campaigns & schedule appointments -- verify information within our organisation for record accuracy; Communicate with equipment suppliers on schedule appointment setting active state results;

45. Support creative supplier prospect campaigns to deliver our organisations equipment specs experience & provide value to DoD divisions; Become knowledgeable & responsible for speaking to equipment specs classifications of our organisation;

46. Create & update work order records accurately within our internal mobile application systems; Responsible for effectively attaining Key equipment condition/Performance Indicators defined by Repair Specialists

47. Demonstrate Ability to learn about & become fluent and proficient in equipment specs properties of mobile applications; Assist in periodic system Communications process with suppliers on Repair Jobs

48.  Cross-train other dispatchers & become proficient with each of our current supplier Communications campaign objectives; Perform other special projects as assigned.

49. Ensure ongoing equipment supply campaign success through regular Repair Jobs performance optimisation;

50. Make info-driven decisions to move the team & equipment specs forward & hit goals detailed for our organisation; advocate for our equipment specs on supplier conference calls;



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