Sounds simple? Well, of course not: Changing the contract procurement quote frequency period over the interface between installations for Fleet Type & Size deployment via Template test script dispatch probably will not be simple at all! Huge textbooks and lengthy reports have been dedicated to examination of organisational resource sourcing strategy, improving performance & scheduling times and administrative changes in the operational force structure due to increased demands put on the fleet for addressing surge contingency scenarios. The Template Test script model developed by dispatchers is a good framework to prime DoD to ask the right questions – but it won’t provide all the answers. For that you'll need to bring together the right knowledge, skills and experience.

Here are some of the questions dispatchers are required to explore to provide DOD with an understanding of the contract quote frequencies for unanticipated surge contingency scenarios involving the fleet. Use them to create a solid Template Test Script Case for the current situation first, and then repeat the exercise for the proposed future situation: 1) What is the dispatchers strategy? 2) How dispatchers intend to achieve objectives? 3)How do dispatchers deal with competitive pressure? 4) How do dispatchers address changes to contingency scenarios? 5) How is strategy adjusted for dispatcher reward issues when project is completed? 

Several important questions beyond those already introduced address the Structure, Shared Operational Mission Sets & dispatchers Composition and skill sets: These topics have been addressed in Previous Memos, Briefs & Posts and will not be elaborated on here because of a space limitation imposed on this report. All of the questions raised below are critical to establishing a solid working relationship between dispatchers and DoD towards the shared goal of Maintaining Positive, Performance-related Route Condition Indices Metrics & Measures, promoting results-driven subsequent changes in Fleet Type & Size Deployment Spatial Patterns. Changes in these critical markers precipitate DoD resource sourcing Registration with dispatchers 

Top 10 Questions for Contract Procurement Quote Schedule Structure:

1) How is dispatchers work and time divided?
2) How do the various DoD units coordinate hierarchical activities?
3) How do dispatchers organise and align themselves?
4) Is decision-making centralised or decentralised? Is this as it should be, the mission tasks
5) Where are the lines of communication between dispatchers & DoD? Explicit & implicit?
6) What are the main fiscal resourcing system strategies?
7) What scenarios drive Template Test Script Design & Generation Process?
8) Where are the controls on the contract procurement quote system?
9) How are operational constraints monitored & evaluated?
10) What processes do dispatchers use to keep on track in the absence of contributions from DoD? 

Top 10 questions for Shared Mission Assignments &  dispatchers Skill Assessments:

1) What are the core values inherent in dispatchers acting in the national interest?
2) How does participation & effectiveness is dispatchers work style?
3) Do dispatchers tend to be competitive or cooperative?
4) Are real dispatchers teams functioning within Equipment deployment or just nominal groups?
5) Do dispatchers assess Equipment Condition prior to Equipment Deployment
6) What positions or specialisations are represented within dispatchers teams?
7) Are there gaps in dispatcher skills sets to precipitate increase ranks by filling empty positions?
8) What are the strongest skills represented within dispatchers Team?
9) Do current dispatchers teams have the resources to do the job?
10) How are mission requirements monitored & assessed?

The end game should be dispatchers capabilities for assessing fleet route condition indices, provide equipment service/support & translate into fleet deployment action, where the piece parts collaborate to solve problems & insights can be leveraged for maximum impact. To be sure, this may require more effort at first, more sponsorship from the senior ranks, and buy-in from political stakeholders. Yet DoD enterprise-scale results, whether in increased future operational tempos during surge contingency scenarios, return on capital, or enhancing the role that DoD can play in shaping global affairs and national security, or any other metric for that matter, are what make the effort and complete physical exhaustion worthwhile.



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