1. Equipment Spare Parts Tracker Application

2. Helicopter Service Component Charter

3. Equipment Maintenance & Deployment

4. Upgrade/Repair Fiscal & Contract Services

5. Spatial & Temporal Spare Parts Assessments 


We have built a Service/Support Application for the Physical & Fiscal Force Structure Requirements of Upgrade/Replace of Equipment Spare Part Components used in Helicopter Build Fleet deployments. Design & Dispatch of Each Work Order Routing Process of the Equipment support Application service are detailed with consideration given to a long list of Posted Section Memos. A Simplified example of equipment Upgrade/Replace Simulation scenarios for Helicopter Build Support has been deployed in a Reminder Set for Material Work Order Update Status.


We offer directed helicopter build services to DoD, meeting ambitious project requirements. We have identified several key areas of performance DoD has outlined, framing our goals to achieve increased mission success.

We have outlined the skills we can offer DoD in several section memos. Our objectives include demonstrating the utility of our services designed for DoD build projects.

We describe four main areas of emphasis in building a comprehensive set of goals to be communicated to DoD: 1) Helicopter Build Contract Specifications, 2) Project Quote Schedule Administration, 3) Fiscal Budget Conditions & 4) Daily Work Order Actions. Our Goals in meeting DoD requirements for mission success are briefly outlined.

First, we offer DOD end-to-end processing, tracking and verification of key mission work order requirements designed to kick-start & complete project quote schedules for critical equipment. We ensure accurate work order construction estimates & budgeting in organising qualified & quality mission builds via quote grouping techniques to identify the right contractors.

Second, we have demonstrated the ability to search & filter key DoD project work orders, controlling who is authorised to access & review different types of equipment for build plans & correspondence. Key to assuring DoD success in meeting goals based on increased mission specifications, one of the major strengths of build services we offer is accurate Scheduling of Project Milestones.

Third, we provide to DoD mechanisms to process, approve & generate Updates/changes to work orders & invoices crucial to budget determination, providing equipment status updates throughout the build process so the cost basis of projects can be determined. The status of individual contracts, or contract quote groups can be checked to estimate costs required to complete projects.

Fourth, our services are designed with the means for DoD to update work order activities used to keep track of daily build process events & equipment status details at job sites in order to keep the entire team in the loop with verification of accurate time & schedule issues critical to success of the project.

Our skills & experience in work order administration for build teams well-qualify us to take on the task of communicating the benefits to DoD of committing to use dispatch services for their on-site projects. We look forward to further discussions with DoD decision-makers to better communicate the full scope of services we offer to Helicopter Build Work Orders.


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