Repair Shop Success Dispatchers work in conjunction with suppliers for DoD buy Requirements in the field, to ensure Equipment Repair Specialists have the best possible experience.

This consists of the services, equipment specs, contracts & payments for the programme.

This position will lead a team of dispatchers responsible for the messaging, packaging & delivery of our equipment specs to DoD.

You will be responsible for bringing new equipment specs, features, and/or services to DoD, working closely with our equipment specs team & leading Repair Specialists research.

This is a core role at the heart of all operations, from equipment specs generation to DoD buy requirements to be communicated to suppliers.

We are seeking a talented dispatcher candidate to focus on equipment supply lead generation and converting equipment supply leads into happy Repair Specialists!

You will be responsible for understanding what activities increase Repair Specialists generation from our mobile application, using inbound dispatch tactics to add value through content, resources & other calls-to-action.

 Your goal is to turn interested, qualified equipment supply leads into successful Repair Specialists.

We hope these mock test questions help with your duty discovery little bit. We will continue to add content as time allows. Keep checking back.

You will not be allowed to begin work until you have been issued permit to work. It is not your duty to write risk assessments for your own tasks under this regime.

If you are not able to follow provided method statements, you should discuss this with us before starting.

The reason you must read instructions detailed in this report is because this is where you will find out what critical duties are placed on you.


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If you want to repair something, then it will be best if you take it to the repair shop and don’t take things in your hands if you are not a professional. That is for the best and the things will be better this way. You have to take care of the things like that.


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