After review of existing site visits, our dispatch team is pleased to announce the launch of a new automated equipment procurement platform to cover best practices, tips & information sharing techniques for helicopter component repair/upgrade services optimised for use by most rotorcraft operations. 

This platform supplements existing DoD helicopter upgrade/replace instruction pages, functioning as modern & instructive resource for repair/upgrade technicians who utilise our platform to improve capacity for accurate procurement operations.

Our goal is to provide new procurement resources to helicopter operators seeking information on repair/upgrade operations for the fleet. After testing the platform, we determined this was the perfect medium to share dispatch techniques with equipment operators.

Since its inception, our procurement platform has advanced quality & integrity of helicopter repair/upgrade support & service.  With our time & experience on air wings exceeding that of competing service provider Sites Visits, we are proud to say that we are experts in what we do.

Over a short period of time, we have undergone significant internal restructuring of our procurement divisions, expansion of equipment upgrade/repair capabilities, investment in spare parts & rotable assets, with strong emphasis on delivering maximum value to our existing & potential DoD air wing assignments.

 Through recruitment of experienced dispatchers & technical procurement personnel, we have proven renewed depth of understanding about DoD operations/techniques within selected air wings, further enhancing an already technically sound group of dedicated service support dispatch team to improve results of procurement operations.

Combined with our extensive in-house reworks capabilities for procurement practices, including specialised equipment repair/upgrade services in conjunction with our ability to control quality, cost, & turn-around time extends & supports our value proposition for future Site Visits.



Well, if that’s the case, then I am pretty interested. I am in the field of aviation so these types of websites are a great attraction for me. I would like to gather more information regarding the repairing and upgrading of the helicopter. I hope to learn many new things.


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