How exciting, you have just completed your first repair job and Navy bosses want to know about it. All you have to do now is produce your first work order review. But what do you need to include in your statement? It depends!

Are you Ready? Let’s start at the minimum.

All work order reviews must report:

Title that highlights it is a valid work order
Unique spare part numbers
Your unit ID code
Your station

Clear description of what was provided
Date of the repair job
Total spare parts amount

[you don’t have to specify technique but always include your mission details]

Price per item
Quantity of each type of item
Rate of any discount per item
Rate of expenditure per item

And don’t forget your work order terms & conditions!

Also make sure you keep copies of all work orders issued even if you cancel them or produce one in error & don’t forget this includes the details from your suppliers.

The good news is that work orders can be kept electronically.

Here are the Top 10 Tips for creating that first perfect work order:

Tip #1: You can build your own work orders but programmes or apps make it much easier by having simple templates that cover all the mission requirements.

Tip #2: And to make sure you are noticed you can personalise them by uploading your unit name & description of qualifications.

Tip #3: You can also add personalised terms & conditions which clearly sets out when you expect to be promoted.

Tip #4: If you are sending it over normal communication channels make sure you create a personalised message to help your work order stand out from the crowd so promotion comes more quickly. If possible try to get the attention of your Bosses because it will help with getting repeat Tasks.

Tip #5: By using templates it ensures that all the details are set out in an easy to read format. It also shows your work in a good light since it covers all the information that your bosses would expect.

Tip #6: Make sure your bosses don’t have to search around to see what was supplied or whether any discount has been applied. All of which help towards actually getting promoted.

Tip #7: Check how your bosses want to receive work orders – if they want it over special communication channels be flexible since it means you will get promoted more quickly.

Tip #8: If you are dealing with bigger mission-critical jobs, make sure you are sending your work order to the best person for getting it taken care of – call them to check.

Tip #9: Always make sure the details are completely correct so your bosses can’t use the excuse of inaccuracies to delay promotion. To minimise any excuses make sure that you have contact information so it’s easy for them to query anything on the work order.

Tip #10: Get your work order to your bosses as soon as possible from their point of view so the clock starts right when you did the job.

Excellent! Your work order has been sent but what next?

Hopefully you have been busy and you have sent out lots of work orders so the challenge now is actually keeping an eye on who evaluates them.

 If you have produced them accurately, the work order details will automatically trigger an alert if critical supplier issues present themselves.

 By combining your work orders with your supplier information you can see the up-to-date position so there are no wasted calls to your bosses & your work order goes straight into your review report, is checked off & automatically sent.

These details keep you on the right side of operations.

Finally, it’s never one of the most fun jobs chasing work order reviews but…

  1. You have done the work
  2. Your work order is clearly set out.
  3. It highlights when you expect promotion & details terms.
  4. It complies with unit guidelines
  5. And your contact information make it easy to query any details

    … so it’s time you stopped giving suppliers a free ride & time to get on the phone & get the work order sent in!



02/06/2017 2:02am

It highlights when you expect promotion & details terms.

06/10/2017 8:55pm

I've been having a hard time coping up with every academic related things lately. It's like, I don't know what am I supposed to do to increase my productivity instantly. That's why, I'm just so glad that I came across with this article of yours. This could really help me become a better student. I would definitely take note on every tip you just gave to us. I hope you could post more informative and educational articles just like this. I'm already looking forward to your future posts.


I didn't know that everything had to be this detailed in there. Work order presentation's definitely important and it's much clearer finding out about that.

02/08/2017 11:15pm

Thank you mate for sharing the top 10 tips for work order Presentation by Repair Specialists. I find the 7 and the 9th tip the most useful will for sure implement these when aiming to work, great post.


This presents itself fully suitable. Almost all these modest points were created in conjunction with great deal of heritage realizing. I adore that lots.


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