The supply route tracking guidebook described in this report is of interest to busy dispatchers charged with assessment of contract quote grouping techniques operating from centralised procurement dispatch hubs charged with improving operational performance measurement systems for critical equipment upgrade/replace schedules.

DoD installations that already employ upgrade/replace work order logistics systems in an acceptable format for evaluation of equipment status will stand to benefit from expansion of new contract quote grouping techniques.

The supply route tracking guidebook provides for step-by-step procurement processes requiring work order schedules detailing contract quote performance-based measurement programmes derived from the compilation of supply route equipment item condition indices.

Applied work order measures include both traditional & non-traditional contract performance indicators addressing upgrade/replace operational issues for surge contingency scenarios in deploying fleet equipment component items through contract quote grouping routing models.

The supply route tracking guidebook provides techniques for implementing or updating route service objectives for critical equipment items subject to upgrade/replace operations. Each step in the supply route tracking guidebook includes a list of work order schedule tasks & describes how to complete business logistics process actions.

 Specific examples are provided of different logistics approaches that can be used by DoD in accomplishing contract performance-based goals that meet the requirements of route service tracking between installations for upgrade/replace scenarios.

The supply route tracking guidebook presents categories of contract performance measures to be considered in building business logistics process architecture, considering concrete types of measures that could be utilised in assessing contract quote grouping models for fleet equipment component item deployment practices.

Dispatchers act to maintain critical advances in operational information collection alongside improved procurement techniques for reporting the results of assessing contract performance in executing work order schedule tasks critical to maintaining equipment upgrade/replace support for mobile operations.

In the Guidebook, detailed equipment item upgrade/replace summaries are presented for several contract performance measures following from the dispatch of procurement quotes by installations connecting via work order schedules in the business logistics process space.  

To help DoD quickly find contract performance measures appropriate for goals & objectives of installations, supply line capacity constraints & work order schedule task selection menus guide dispatchers through a series of questions that lead to specific operation-directed conclusions for equipment upgrade/replace operations.

Guidebook techniques utilising contract quote grouping models for supply route tracker techniques provide core sets of suggested contract performance measures & metrics requirements critical for equipment upgrade/replace operational logistics, offering potential applications of the guidebook.



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