****--Abbreviated Rough Draft Outline--****


Give examples of times when equipment maintenance/modernisation was going smoothly & deployment deadlines were on schedule. 

Contrast with times when, over the course of upgrade/repair operations, your team realised some logistics processes needed to be changed.

What if more work would be required, but better mission outcomes could be achieved?



When we first joined forces with DoD years ago, we were given the impossible task of creating dispatch training logistics models for equipment upgrade /repair operations required by commanders in the field.

Our goal was to ensure that equipment upgrade/repair operations we were preparing would meet & exceed mission requirements of the Fleet & new work order routing techniques would now go on without a hitch. 

The supply line product was ready to launch & everyone was eager to have the orientation finalised & deployed immediately. We were under lots of pressure to get this project done quickly to meet expanding contract quote schedules.


During initial real-world, mobile operations, we worked really hard to get the dispatch training models created & collaborated with existing divisions stocked with trainers who were not yet fully briefed on new logistics plans for work order routing technical specifications.

We were originally right on schedule to meet supply line deadlines organised by new grouping of equipment upgrade/repair contract quotes.

By chance, we overheard in Congressional Briefings we were extremely attentive to that an accelerated launch of the supply line product was required to meet unanticipated missions tasking the fleet.

Commanders in the field were now caught scrambling to get new equipment upgrade/repair instructions incorporated into day-to-day operations as soon as logistics resource assignment was possible to support our team.


We reached out to Senior Levels at DoD to ask if we should be also be working on adaptations of the work order routing models to meet new mission requirements. After checking, we quickly found out our answer.  Yes, the logistics training materials would also need to be incorporated into real-world mobile operation ahead of schedule.

Someone in the field had forgotten to pass critical upgrade/repair contract quote information along to our team.  We requested help from DoD as to how our logistics materials could be immediately updated without additional resources.

With the arrival of more resources, we were able to locate qualified dispatchers quickly. DoD signalled that approved field site teams could begin work as soon as we had each supply line section created & approved.


Fortunately, our logistics training materials were incorporated into day-to-day equipment upgrade/repair operations right when they were needed by teams in the field thanks to our ambitious & diligent work.

 If we had not heard about the early launch & new work order routing resources were not requested, we would have experienced major delays in launching our supply line product.

DoD Officials were very pleased with our efficient efforts to route work orders required to group equipment upgrade/repair contract quotes & timeliness of our supply line product launch.



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