Press Conference Remarks:

Our services are aligned with Marine Corps avionics vision to increase fidelity of operational logistics cost tracking by improving efficiencies of critical spare parts supply lines required for repair jobs.

We support Marine Corps Avionics operations by integrating proprietary cost tracking systems, Logistics/engineering expertise & spare parts supply line solutions. 

We aim become established as essential partners with Marine Corps for Logistics operations to design innovative supply line aviation support & services. It is important to design mechanisms for requesting new work order routing principles to perform component repairs on the fleet.

By signing up, we will expand Supply Line Logistics cost tracking & repair service jobs critical to Marine Corps Air Wing Success.  Routing new Work Order requests for Marine Corps will enable us to further reduce Logistics costs, accelerate component repairs turn-times & increase operational readiness of the fleet.

We are excited that Marine Corps is considering options to implement our full suite of aviation repair & supply line Logistics services Repair Services we offer to Marine Corps complement, enhance & integrate well with existing supply line operations, providing accurate cost tracking for all Logistics Operations.

We are delighted to add Marine Corps aviation to our Logistics portfolio & we look forward to expanding our repair services to include key Field installations.

We are also pleased to announce that Marine Corps has expressed interest our approved repair & logistics programme to service wide ride range of Air Wings.

Increasing proximity Service & support for Marine Corps Air Wings is very important & we have built a solid reputation of quality repair services costing & supply line tracking work

We seek approval to build logistics supply lines & repair services on key Marine Corps customisations including cost estimates for avionics, equipment installations & Logistics level composite repairs.

We are excited to be considered as an authorised logistics & repair centre for Marine Corps aviation.  Having exploded on Marine Corps aviation repair scene recently, we recognise importance of establishing quality work orders for tracking costs incurred during Logistics Operations.

We welcome this opportunity to build spare parts supply line work alongside Marine Corps to expand & extend our repair logistics services for multiple Air Wings.



05/25/2016 12:17pm

We are hoping that you are never compromising on your services and the qualities of your equipment’s. Because these equipment’s are having the lives of the humans while they are used during the operations. Please maintain your standards because this is about the human beings life.

02/27/2017 2:38am

Good luck there mate! Your type of industry is hard to handle. In my opinion. You should have a lot of connections and investors for your business to support you. Best of luck!


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