Tell Me About Yourself:

1) What are your major strengths & characteristics contributing to your effectiveness within Military Service organisations? Describe how your assets have been used to establish operational success.

2) How do you explain your professional success to date & detail why you consider Military Service to be so critical? Describe major goals you've set for yourself recently.

3) Tell me what you know about Military Service & what motivates you to ensure this type of work will lead to successful career path. What goals do you envision achieving within this organisation?

4) Since this will be your first shot at leading Military Divisions, how do you know this career path will meet & sustain your interest as long as required by the mission? Describe the ideal scenario that would satisfy your operational goals & what will be required from the Services to achieve professional growth.

5) How do you plan on constructing your work week given the constraints of Military Service & make realistic deadlines where persuasion of Superiors is critical to success of creative & innovative projects you will promote?

6) How do you organise & plan for implementing new techniques within the Military Services to achieve success of major projects? Describe processes where you used your assets to create practical solutions to difficult problems in critical situations.

7) Describe situations when the Military Services had not established rules or precedent to help you attack a problem. What achievements resulted from your action & how do you stay current on changing conditions in the field where rigorous operational discipline is required?

8) How do you plan on navigating Military Services Command structure & set realistic deadlines for schedules you have to meet based on the quality of your organisational skills? Give examples of situations when you were asked to accomplish tasks but weren't given enough information to immediately resolve problems.

9) Describe situations where adherence to Military Service administrative realities impacted project schedules & became critical factors in successful missions. What specific examples of can you give where skills you learned were applied at work sites?

10) Now that you've had a chance to learn more about Military Service organisations, what would you change about our operations? How will you use techniques for descriptive justification to convince Superiors of project merit?



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05/08/2017 9:28pm

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