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1) Delivering Operational Results

Give an example how you plan to meet challenge of changing product/service requirements process to gain weapons system product team commitment to proposal. How do you plan to organise dispatch activities & allocate/direct resources to mitigate operational risk & reach fiscal goals?

2) Bringing Innovation to Problem Solving
Describe situation when you will have to find new solutions to introduce change into weapon system product process/service problems. What techniques will you use to elicit new ideas from dispatch teams & on what occasions will you introduce solutions resulting in better way of organising work loads?

3) Planning & Control

Tell me about how you plan to consider existing/conflicting workloads in weapon system programmes & check progress your team has made to mitigate proposal issues. Have you designed mechanisms to change dispatch processes to meet objectives/deadlines & prioritise work load tasks designed to overcome obstacles to success of mission objectives/strategies?

4) Using Information Effectively

Give an example of how you plan to organise & interpret information coming in from weapons system teams for purpose of reaching specific conclusions. Have you designed processes to quickly identify source of information & translate dispatch activities into opportunities for mission success?

5) Providing Excellent Services

Describe steps you have planned to ensure weapons system requirements are met resulting in positive feedback to promote successful redirection of resources & solid interactions designed to lead stakeholders into complete satisfaction. How will you design techniques adopting new approaches to translate stakeholder complaints into trust in dispatcher processes by enlistment of new approaches critical to positive mission outcomes?

6) Attention to Detail
Tell me how you plan to ensure work quality & fix mistakes made by dispatchers in providing service to weapons system teams where it is difficult to win stakeholders over to your plans/processes. How will you produce results where accuracy is checked in detail by direct inquiry to programme offices for dispatch of essential tasks designed to meet mission requirements?

7) Adapting to Change & Uncertainty
Describe your plans to deal with significant changes in weapons programme requirements when team activities are in flux & run against established standards. When will fiscal pressures threaten ability of dispatchers to perform tasks on occasions when work is interrupted by events beyond your control?

8) Developing Strategy
Tell me how you plan to interface with weapons system teams to identify impact of techniques leading to successful completion of difficult goals while adding value to operations. How will you plan for charting future directions dispatchers will encounter in order to implement changes in strategy that deviate from standard process design?

9) Technical Expertise

Describe how your technical expertise will be brought to bear in your capacity to deal with weapons system requirements & provide evidence of success in communicating complex issues facing teams. How do you plan on presenting justification of dispatcher decisions made in the absence of complete & detailed sources of information?

10) Continuous Learning

Tell me about a time when you learned something unexpected about weapons system requirements which has since proved useful in dispatch operations leading to successful mission outcomes through collective effort of your team. How will you establish new priorities/activities through dispatch team feedback after encountering difficult situations undermining future realisation of techniques designed to achieve mission success?



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