Most DoD installation business processes have special requirements & logistics characteristics derived from the reasons they got tasked for Fleet Maintenance/Modernisation operations in the first place.

One example is a Repair Shop utilising Work order Reminder Sets with temporal equipment parts delivery guarantees. To really make this happen without losing supply line deployment capacity, all kinds of operational factors have to be taken into account, such as estimates for purchase order-taking lead times & delivery constraints to meet localisation parameters for Fleet Equipment Part deployments.

To be sure, some business logistics underlying DoD operations cannot be completely automated because the success of missions relies upon personnel skill sets drivers/limitations, but certainly many parts of the purchase order process could be automated, such as ordering from contract interface configurations, automatically triggering the delivery of new supplies to installations in need of equipment spare part components required for Fleet Maintenance/Modernisation operations.

Automated techniques are used to prepare the purchase orders required to move the supply logistics lines forward. Ideally, DoD should be able to introduce as many successful operations/missions as possible with minimal cost to the fiscal constraints present in design of the equipment part supply systems involved. Specific work order instructive infrastructure based on Repair reminder sets can help.



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