The Biggest Mistake in building Helicopters is usually to have too many Cooks in the Kitchen. The time for taking all means of meeting Helicopter Build equipment requirements is while you still have to time to accomplish the Task. Time is flexible resource: Not usually main problem unless there is not enough of it, like when Equipment Deployment Schedule is not being met.

This will solve one of our Major Helicopter Build Problems: How do the features of objects get automatic defined so we can write constraints between them?

Objects are collection of slots representing either attributes or techniques to be performed by Work Orders. Specific helicopter builds constructed by instances of predefined functional systems create instances of specific objects & define multiple constraints that relate the functional & spatial attributes composing the helicopter build process.

Availability, Execution & Work Certification is the Feedback Piece of Equipment Status Updates. At the end of the contract assessments we certify the work we did to achieve quality build projects and make sure we completed all the work orders we said we were going to do at the beginning of the process if something happened over the course of the job—for one reason or another—that we need to catalog & Track.


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