September 2014-- F-35 SUSTAINMENT : Need for Affordable Strategy, Greater Attention to Risks, and Improved Cost Estimates

September 2014-- LITTORAL COMBAT SHIP: Navy Complied with Regulations in Accepting Two Lead Ships, but Quality Problems Persisted after Delivery

July 2014-- DEFENSE CONTRACTING: Factors DOD Considers When Choosing Best Value Processes Are Consistent with Guidance for Selected Acquisitions

June 2014-- DEFENSE INVENTORY: Actions Needed to Improve the Defense Logistics Agency's Inventory Management

May 2014-- INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Implementing Best Practices and Reform Initiatives Can Help Improve the Management of DoD Investments

March 2014-- F-35 JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER: Problems Completing Software Testing May Hinder Delivery of Expected Warfighting Capabilities

March 2014-- DEFENSE ACQUISITIONS: Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs

March 2014-- DEFENSE LOGISTICS: Needed to Improve Department-Wide Management of Conventional Ammunition Inventory

March 2014-- MAJOR AUTOMATED INFORMATION SYSTEMS: Selected Defense Programs Need to Implement Key Acquisition Practices

January 2014-- DEFENSE EFFICIENCIES: Action Needed to Improve Evaluation of Initiatives

September 2013-- DEFENSE ACQUISITIONS: Navy Strategy for Unmanned Carrier-Based Aircraft System Defers Key Oversight Mechanisms

September 2013-- FORD-CLASS CARRIERS: Lead Ship Testing and Reliability Shortfalls Will Limit Initial Fleet Capabilities

July 2013-- DEFENSE ACQUISITIONS: DOD Efforts to Adopt Open Systems for Its Unmanned Aircraft Systems Have Progressed Slowly

June 2013-- F-35 JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER: Restructuring Has Improved the Program, but Affordability Challenges and Other Risks Remain

March 2013-- F-35 JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER: Current Outlook Is Improved, but Long-Term Affordability Is a Major Concern

March 2013-- MAJOR AUTOMATED INFORMATION SYSTEMS: Selected Defense Programs Need to Implement Key Acquisition Practices

February 2013-- DEFENSE LOGISTICS: A Completed Comprehensive Strategy is Needed to Guide DOD’s In-Transit Visibility Efforts

September 2012-- NEXT GENERATION ENTERPRISE NETWORK: Navy Implementing Revised Approach, but Improvement Needed in Mitigating Risks

September 2012-- MILITARY READINESS: Navy Needs to Assess Risks to Its Strategy to Improve Ship Readiness

September 2012-- STRATEGIC SOURCING: Improved and Expanded Use Could Save Billions in Annual Defense Procurement Costs

June 2012-- JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER: DOD Actions Needed to Further Enhance Restructuring and Address Affordability Risks

May 2012-- DEFENSE INVENTORY: Actions Underway to Implement Improvement Plan, but Steps Needed to Enhance Efforts

March 2012-- NAVY SMALL BOATS: Maintenance Report Addressed Most Directed Elements, but Additional Information Needed

March 2012-- JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER: Restructuring Added Resources and Reduced Risk, but Concurrency Is Still a Major Concern

January 2012-- ARLEIGH BURKE DESTROYERS: Additional Analysis and Oversight Required to Support the Navy’s Future Surface Combatant Plans

July 2011-- DEFENSE LOGISTICS: DOD Needs to Take Additional Actions to Address Challenges in Supply Chain Management

May 2011-- JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER: Restructuring Places Program on Firmer Footing, but Progress Is Still Lagging

April 2011-- JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER: Restructuring Places Program on Firmer Footing, but Progress Still Lags

March 2011-- INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Better Informed Decision Making Needed on Navy’s Next Generation Enterprise Network Acquisition

July 2010-- DEFENSE MANAGEMENT: DOD Needs Better Information and Guidance to More Effectively Manage and Reduce Operating and Support Costs of Major Weapon Systems

June 2010-- MILITARY READINESS: Navy Needs to Reassess Its Metrics and Assumptions for Ship Crewing Requirements and Training

May 2010-- DEFENSE INVENTORY: Defense Logistics Agency Needs to Expand on Efforts to More Effectively Manage Spare Parts

April 2010-- BEST PRACTICES: DOD Can Achieve Better Outcomes by Standardizing the Way Manufacturing Risks Are Managed

March 2010-- JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER: Additional Costs and Delays Risk Not Meeting Warfighter Requirements on Time

May 2009-- BEST PRACTICES: High Levels of Knowledge at Key Points Differentiate Commercial Shipbuilding from Navy Shipbuilding

January 2009-- DEFENSE INVENTORY: Army Needs to Evaluate Impact of Recent Actions to Improve Demand Forecasts for Spare Parts

December 2008-- DEFENSE INVENTORY: Management Actions Needed to Improve the Cost Efficiency of the Navy’s Spare Parts Inventory

July 2008-- ACQUISITIONS: A Knowledge-Based Funding Approach Could Improve Major Weapon System Program Outcomes

March 2008-- JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER: Impact of Recent Decisions on Program Risks

March 2008-- JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER: Recent Decisions by DOD Add to Program Risks

April 2007-- DEFENSE INVENTORY: Opportunities Exist to Save Billions by Reducing Air Force’s Unneeded Spare Parts Inventory

March 2007-- DEFENSE ACQUISITIONS: Analysis of Costs for the Joint Strike Fighter Engine Program

March 2007-- DEFENSE INVENTORY: Opportunities Exist to Improve the Management of DOD’s Acquisition Lead Times for Spare Parts

March 2007-- JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER: Progress Made and Challenges Remain

November 2006-- DEPOT MAINTENANCE: Actions Needed to Provide More Consistent Funding Allocation Data to Congress

March 2006-- JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER: DOD Plans to Enter Production before Testing Demonstrates Acceptable Performance

March 2006-- TACTICAL AIRCRAFT: Recapitalization Goals Are Not Supported by Knowledge-Based F-22A and JSF Business Cases

April 2006—DEFENSE ACQUISITIONS: Major Weapon Systems Continue to

Experience Cost and Schedule Problems under DOD’s Revised Policy

July 2002-- BEST PRACTICES: Capturing Design and Manufacturing Knowledge Early Improves Acquisition Outcomes

March 2001-- BEST PRACTICES: Better Matching of Needs and Resources

Will Lead to Better Weapon System Outcomes

July 1999-- BEST PRACTICES: Better Management of Technology Development Can Improve Weapon System Outcomes



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