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Planned dates for the Tejas [LCA] to enter service and replace
the MiG-21 fleet could not be met due to schedule delays, blocking the
development of the FBW Flight Control System and the delivery of GE F404
engines, both crucial components of the aircraft. This meant that the IAF would
have to take other steps to stem the decline in numbers. The Tejas first flew on
4 January 2001. Final tests were done in January 2011 and it is to enter
operational service by 2013.

MiG-29s have had reliability problems, are too important to the fleet, thus
requiring and has to upgrade them. Planned buys have taken too long, and a
fighter modernization numbers crisis exists that affects a number of air forces
around the world. Its MiG-21s are retiring fast, and so are subsequent
generation of MiG-23/27 and MiG-25 aircraft. At the same time, the IAF MMRCA
light-medium fighter competition will fill other gaps with 126 imported
fighters, but it has yet to produce a contract, let alone a delivery


Tejas is a homegrown IAF combat aircraft, meant to replace the aging MiG-and may also
replace the Navy Harrier. Tejas is a delta-wing, tailess design, and can reach a
top speed of Mach 1.8 and climb to 15,500 km, with a basic range or 3,000 km.
Weapons consist of a twin 23 mm cannon and eight external hardpoints carrying up
to four tons of ordinance, including Python 5, Astra BVRAAM & AA-11 and
AA-12 missiles


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