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A $260 million agreement for the first 55 Lot 1 Arrowhead
systems was reached on 11 November 2003. First deliveries were to begin in March
2005, with the first Army unit equipped with Arrowhead to be fielded by June
2005. The Lockheed Marin Arrowhead team outfitted the first eight AH-64D Apache
Longbows with the new day/night vision system at the Boeing  Apache
production facility during 2005. The Arrowhead-equipped Apache helicopters
departed for Fort Hood in two flights and were officially delivered in June
2005.The $247 million Lot 2 follow-on production contract for Arrowhead was
awarded by the US Army Program Executive Office-Aviation on 26 January 2005. It
authorized production of 97 Arrowhead systems for the US Army and foreign
military sales customers.

The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command awarded Lockheed
Martin the Lot 3 follow-on production contract for Arrowhead in June 2006. The
$385.6M agreement authorized production of 219 Arrowhead kits plus spares for
the U.S. Army and foreign military sales. A 2007 order for 158 units in
Production Lot 4 was placed for $311 million by the US Army. The $172 million
Production Lot 5 agreement authorized production of 126 Arrowhead kits and/or
equivalent unit spares, foreign military sales kits and ground support
equipment. An order for 55 Lot 6 Arrowhead systems was placed in 2009 for


Lockheed Martin announced a $260 million follow-on production
contract for Production Lot 7 on 17 August 2010. By the end of Lot 7, which
extends production through April 2013, over 1,000 kits were delivered. By 2011,
704 US Army Apaches would be equipped with the Arrowhead system. In February
2011 the 1,000th M-TADS/PNVS system was delivered to the U.S. Army. Lockheed
Martin installed the first two Arrowhead on RNLAF AH-64D Apaches during 2007 The
contract was awarded in April 2005, and included the delivery of 24 Arrowhead
kits as well as spares, specific ground support equipment, training and two
Arrowhead kit installations. In August 2009, the Netherlands submitted a request
to upgrade its 29 Block I AH-64D Apaches to the Block II configuration,
including an upgrade to the Arrowhead system. A $212 million contract to equip
67 United Kingdon Agusta Westland Apache Mk1 helicopters with Arrowhead was
placed in May 2005. The contract was awarded by the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD)
to prime contractor AgustaWestland, with the first two delivered in November
2008 w/ deliveries to conclude in 2015.



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