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The new Lynx initiative was  christened with the developmental name of "Future Lynx" and intended as a replacement for the aging fleet of base Lynx helicopters in British  Army and Navy service. The requirements were specified  under the  Surface Combatant Maritime Rotorcraft
(SCMR) and the Battlefield Light  Utility Helicopter (BLUH) programs. The programs eventually evolved under a single acronym known as "BRH"  for a "Battlefield Reconnaissance Helicopter". On June 22nd, 2006, the  MoD gave AgustaWestland the green light with a 1 billion pound agreement and committed to procuring some 70 Future Lynxes for both service  branches. However, in December of 2008, the MoD reduced their requirement to 62 examples.

Beginning in 2014, the British Army is set to receive delivery of 34  Wildcats while the Royal Navy will accept 28 examples the year  following. The initial Wildcat squadron for the Royal Navy has already been established as 700W NAS (Naval Air Squadron) in May of 2009, a group with history dating as far back as 1940. Its first helicopters are expected to  arrive in  January of 2013 to begin evaluations and conversion training for pilots  and crew.



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