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teams. Installations have not yet responded with a quote

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency announces Australia’s formal export request for up to 100 MK-54  All-Up-Round Torpedoes, 13 MK-54 Exercise Sections, 13 MK-54 Exercise  Fuel Tanks, 5 Recoverable Exercise Torpedoes, support and test equipment for upgrades to MK
695 Mod 1 capability, plus spare and repair parts,  and various forms of US government and contractor support. Raytheon  Integrated Defense Systems in Keyport, WA is the contractor, and the  DSCA says that: “Australia will use the MK 54 torpedo on its MH-60R Helicopters and intends to use the torpedo on a planned purchase of the P-8A Increment 2 Maritime Patrol and Response



01/22/2017 9:37pm

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