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SSM-700K Hae Sung I (Sea Star) Anti-ship Missile is a ship launched anti-ship cruise missile developed by the  Korea Agency for Defense Development (ADD), Nex1 Future and the Republic of Korea Navy in 2003. The missiles are deployed on KDX-II and KDX-III destroyers as of 2006, each carrying 8 and 16 of the missiles respectively.

During the 1970s the Republic of Korea Navy decided to import Exocet anti-ship missiles to deter  naval provocations.  Considering the fact that the DPRK Navy is composed of numerous small to mid size ships, a cheap small size guided anti-ship missile was  proposed. In 1978 the Korean Agency for Defense Development (ADD)  started the development of the Hae Ryong anti-ship missile, and by 1987 the ROK Navy approved for the mass production of the missiles. But the Hae Ryong was fitted with a semi-active laser guidance system, limiting its  tactical capability during bad weather. Additional pressure from the USA ultimately resulted in the termination of the

In 1990, the problem of large proportions of the defense budget going into buying anti-ship missiles from foreign countries was brought up.  The ROK Navy ordered the ADD to develop a missile that was in par with  or better in performance than the Harpoon Block 1C missile. The new missile was code-named Hae Sung, and research of the following core missile technologies was started in 1996



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