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The Air Force is acquiring 50 CV-22 Ospreys to replace its fleet of  MH-53J
Pave Low helicopters used to insert and extract special  operations forces from
hostile areas. The Osprey can cruise at 230  knots, and has a two times greater
speed, range and payload than the  MH-53J.

The MH-53 helicopter fleet is a Low Density/High Demand (LD/HD) asset used to
deliver Special Forces into their objective areas.  Current and projected
worldwide tasks require increasing the fleet size. Air Force Special Operations
Command has modernized 25 of the 38 Pave  Low IIIEs to the MH-53M Pave Low IV
configuration. As of January 2002  the Air Force inventory was 13 MH-53J and 25
MH-53M. HQ-USSOCOM and HQ  AFSOC provided funding for conversion of two MH-53J
model aircraft to  the MH-53M. Warner Robins Air Logistics Center managed the
conversions,  to be completed by May 2002.



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