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The Bell 210 helicopter satisfies the Army's requirement for a Light Utility Helicopter (LUH). There are many missions now supported by the US Army with assets that are marked for reduction that the  Bell 210 could more economically perform. Starting with a refurbished UH-1H fuselage, Bell Helicopter adds main rotor hub and blades, tail rotor,  main and tail rotor support structure, transmission, rotating controls, and tail boom components. A Certified Honeywell T-53-517B engine provides a zero-time certified single engine medium utility helicopter. 

The Bell 210 is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) helicopter that will  operate for less than $650
per hour, thus allowing the Army to unburden  itself of logistics and engineering overhead management by taking  advantage of Bell support in spares,  manuals, and tech support similar to the TH-67 programme. The Bell 210 comes with a commercial products  warranty and a significant reduction in operating costs. Cost of the  Bell 210 will be approximately $3 million. A comparable
Huey-sized  off-the-shelf commercial aircraft would cost approximately $5 million with a
useful load that is 640 lbs higher than the UH-1H.



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