This ticket schedule item is currently under review by several dispatch
teams. Installations have not yet responded with a quote

Current Mikoyan MiG-21-based fleets are to be refurbished,
adding more examples of the type to have one operational squadron, as a shortage
of funds continues to thwart plans to acquire a new type. Romania's Aerostar and
Ukraine's SE Odessa Aircraft Plant are potential contractors for the overhaul of
seven air force MiG-21s, and the provision of five additional aircraft. A
decision is expected soon, with one contract  bid valued at at $24.7 with another
offer including the proposed delivery of aircraft left from a partially cancelled deal with Yemen, which took delivery of only 20 MiG-21s from a 28-unit order.

Aerostar has previously conducted an overhaul and limited upgrade to eight MiG-21bis fighters, and added four enhanced UMD-model two-seat trainers in 2003. Possible replacements for the MiG-21s had included used Lockheed  Martin F-16s or Saab Gripens, with Sweden's FXM organisation having tabled an offer for eight of the latter in October 2012. Other potential solutions could have included acquiring second hand MiG-29s from retired McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantoms from the German air force or surplus Dassault Mirage F1s.



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