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The German Ministry of Defence (MoD) has contracted Selex ES to develop and deliver Titan 385ES-HD enhanced stability high-definition  turrets in support of the German Navy Sea Lynx Mk88A  helicopters. Under the €5m contract, Selex will deliver the  turrets for installation
onboard Sea Lynx Mk88A helicopters to enhance  surveillance capabilities at night and in poor visibility conditions for German Navy pilots.

Combining  high-performance sensors into a single line replaceable unit (LRU) solution, the Titan 385ES multi-sensor turret system is designed to meet current operational airborne observation, surveillance and  reconnaissance requirements. The turret payload comprises a  cooled, high-definition thermal imaging camera, in addition to cameras  for uncooled thermal imaging camera and low-level light. Fitted  with an embedded auto-tracker, Titan 385ES is capable of operating on any of the imaging sensor channels, and can provide forward-looking IR capabilities for the Lynx helicopter.

The German Navy is upgrading seven Lynx Mk88A helicopters to naval Super Lynx, which are  capable of conducting anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare,  search-and-rescue and utility operations. Each helicopter features an L-3 Communications AN/AQS-18 active dipping sonar, Sea Skua  all-weather anti-ship missile, and Seaspray Mark 3000 alongside accommodating a range of depth charges, and Selex is scheduled to deliver the first 385ES-HD turret.



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