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With the Ka-52 now in Russian army service and being touted for export,  the design bureau is busy working on a maritime version for the Russian Navy  Kamov has designed side-by-side seating for the Ka-52, promoting crew coordination. In its Russian army version,the Ka-52 has a weapons suite including 9K120 Ataka and 9K121 Vikhr-1 missiles. It has a 2A42 30mm cannon and the ability to carry S-8 80mm unguided rockets. It can also carry  Igla-S air-to-air missiles as part of the Strelets system.

The  helicopter is well protected with the President-S self-defense suite. Kamov is working on new weapons capability for the Russian Navy Ka-52K Kamov in line with NATO standards, bringing in foreign equipment. The Ka-52K is intended to serve from a variety of Russian navy vessels,  but primarily the two Mistral-class amphibious assault vessels that  Russia is buying from France. Ka-52K, will fly as soon as the French  deliver Mistral vessels.



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