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The F-16 has been a front-line fighter for the Air Force for more than 30 years, and SABR will keep it there for decades to come. Active electronically scanned array innovation deliver fifth generation fighter radar capability to the F-16. SABR will provide F-16s unprecedented operational capability, greater reliability and viability in threat environments beyond 2025.

The conclusion of the AESA radar competition marks the next chapter in Fighting Falcon development.  Next generation radar will  deliver unprecedented capabilities to the most widely used 4th  generation fighter ever flown. Northrop Grumman's newest airborne fire control radar, SABR is an affordable, multifunction AESA radar designed for low risk retrofit in  current F-16s and is scalable for integration in other aircraft. SABR  provides improved situational awareness, greater detection,  high-resolution SAR maps, automatic target cueing, electronic  protection, interleaved air-to-air and air-to-surface mode operations, and precision strike capability.

SABR's affordability, proven performance, and low risk make it a goodchoice as the baseline AESA radar for new F-16 production  aircraft and upgrades. Other AESA radars currently flying on the Block 60 F-16, F-22 and F-35 Lightning II.



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