As if we didn’t have enough shit to deal with, the Maintenance/Logistics guidance for the Helicopter Builds provided to us was usually a day late & dollar short—both too general as well as conflicting-- often at odds with directives from command & even established technical manuals. Which assessments were Correct? Many of the issues involved in our work orders could be debated by seasoned engineers & specialists, yet we were forced to make decisions on –the-fly.

 Dispatchers are actively engaged in working with Navy to convert existing equipment supply contracts into performance-based standards. Dispatchers strive to clearly describe our basic efforts in terms of measured mission service outputs such as "what, when, where, how many & how well" work order tasks are to be assessed.

Some repair/upgrade overhaul activities occur at time intervals ranging from several months to several years. For primary systems e.g., aircraft, tracked vehicles & ships on work orders, costs should be included in estimates for the years in which they are expected to occur, accompanied by documentation on the cost per event & time interval between overhaul events.

Costs of major fleet mission items that have different repair/upgrade overhaul sequences i.e., structural subsystems such as hull, frame, or airframe; power subsystems such as engines or drive train & electronic/mechanical subsystems such as fire control system, armaments, guidance, or command & control equipment should be estimated & identified separately within work order elements. In some cases, the interval between end item overhauls may be expressed on work orders in terms of system operating hours, not calendar time.

 When you do Order Entry w/ Parts Control Tool, process becomes complete solution for Helicopter Mission. You can view status of parts & what equipment is assign to operations. With all this info at your fingertips, Naval forces can better close deals—leading to increased mission success. Plus, if not enough parts on hand, you can recommend substitutes. You can even display a picture of the part or item for improved order accuracy.